Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Lizard

I got excited when I came across these images on the internet--a dense, well-designed Earthship community--but I didn't know if this community was already built, was going to be built or was just someone's fantasy. When I investigated further I found out that this was a drawing for The Lizard Development, an Earthship Community planned for Brighton, England. Upon completion, it will be the world’s highest density of Earthships, being home to 16 Earthships on a 1.1-hectare site overlooking Brighton's marina. It is expected to require 15 000 tires--15 000 tires that will not go to the dump. As of 2007 the planning process has been approved, but no word as to when construction will actually begin.

"Projects like this can be extremely powerful and they are vital as they point to a feasible alternative to current building methods. There are Earthship projects taking place across the world from Taos in New Mexico
to Southern Spain and there are individual developments happening in France. The Brighton project will be iconic. It is a prime site and
the development has the potential to capture the imagination and make a global impact." -Daren Howarth (co-director of Biotecture, the social enterprise that submitted the application for the development.)

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