Saturday, February 11, 2012

Earthship Academy Update

Finally, it's almost time.

In a couple weeks I'll be flying down to New Mexico to begin my training at the Earthship Academy. I'm very excited to learn new skills, meet interesting people from around the world, and share exciting ideas about the possibilities for this way of living.

On March 1st at 10am we have a 2 hour tour of the Greater World Community and from there we will go to our assigned houses and have the rest of the day to explore Taos. I'll be staying in The Canon, which is the first house that Michael Reynolds ever built. It's made of can "bricks" and was the initial inspiration for the Earthship concept and is only a 15 minute walk away from the historic Taos Plaza

I'll be updating my blog regularly with video, pictures and details of our daily happenings.

The Canon

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