Monday, September 12, 2011

Excerpt from my Earthship Academy Application

"Sustainability to me is a no-brainer, I mean, if we are to survive as a species continuously into the future we must commit to becoming a sustainable society and do it as quickly as we can. And we all know this. And we all want this. But, it is only the most responsible and visionary among us who set aside their selfish desires, look at the bigger picture, and actually commit to minimizing our impact on the ever-changing climate through direct action. A sustainable society will only come about through the act of creating a space that forces us to live sustainably.

I believe there is no better way to promote and become sustainable than to start from the ground up and reformulate the way we live on this planet--though it may not be the most practical considering the infrastructure that we have already built. Earthships have re-imagined how we manage our basic biological needs and fit them neatly into a completely sustainable, self-sufficient package. The Earthship lifestyle provides a stable and comfortable foundation from where we can revamp society to fit a sustainable model. We understand in our minds that we have exhausted our current social model—though we can’t directly feel it yet—and to ensure our survival as a species on this planet we know we have to change and evolve out of old traditions into sustainable ones."

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